Myrtle Beach SC

What to do?

We have a lot to offer. From a million places to shop, live theaters, more places to shop and the beach. One of the most beautiful in the US. And pretty easy to swim in. 

There is an occasional rip current, but if you learn to not fight it, you can escape and get back to shore. You might want to google that before you go for a swim. Not many sharks, at least the kind you find in the water. Most days the weather is pretty good. A little chilly sometimes in the winter, a little hot in August. 

Within a few miles in either direction, you can visit a good number of beaches. From the Ocean Isle in North Carolina down to Garden City.  The beaches are pretty much the same, the scenery is always changing.  Fishing charters in Little River offer the option of going out to sea. Not sure how many fish you’ll catch. I had no luck, but it was fun. 

Night Life - Lots of nice little bars and restaurants, theaters, shopping. Or my favorite, get a drink and a chair and sit on the beach. It’s quiet and the sound of the ocean will warm your soul. It’s like no other sound in the world. 

Still one of the warmest memories of my childhood. Ocean Isle, Cherry Grove, Myrtle Beach - a good place to spend the summer.

Night Life

Movies - there are several very nice movie theatres along the strand. Coastal Grand Mall, Myrtle Beach Mall to name a few. 

Live Theaters - Pirates Voyage owned by Dolly Parton replaces the live western style show that was there years ago. It a throw back to Pirates of the Caribbean, pretty fun stuff.

Alabama Theatre is a live song and dance show with Concerts often on the weekend.  Located at Barefoot Landing, you can shop, dine and show all in the same location.

Other- There are a ton of other things to do, visit Alligator Adventure, run up to the marina and go fishing. 

Or just grab a beer and sit on the beach. Turn off the cell, disconnect from the world. 

Whatever you do

Don’t sit in your room and play on the same gadgets you play with at home. Get out and do something.

Life is short, you are stressed out. Turn off that laptop, turn off the tablet, turn off the xbox. 

Go walk on the beach. Myrtle Beach, Cherry Grove, Garden City, Ocean Isle and Sunset are some of the prettiest, calmest night walks you could imagine. Listen to the waves, the wind. Unwind.

Local Services

For Computer Repair call the folks over at K & B Computers. 910-653-4505. 

K & B Computers Inc

Local Services

Selling property in North Myrtle or Myrtle Beach or the surrounding area. Call KBDrone for photography, drone and full VR of that property.


Local Services

Social Wifi A must have for your Bar or Restaurant. Promote your business, make that wifi work for you.


Theater Tonight

Visit the Alabama Theatre, live shows every night.

The Alabama Theatre